Julie Hasson is the author of 8 cookbooks, including Vegan Diner and Vegan Pizza. Julie opened the original Babycakes Bakery (a wholesale bakery that supplied Los Angeles restaurants and coffeehouses with artisan baked goods) and has contributed articles and recipes to numerous publications. She is also the host of the Internet cooking show Everyday Dish and has been featured on TV and radio. Julie is currently the Healthy Living Expert on Good Day Oregon, and was one of the hosts of the TV cooking show 15 & Done. She and her husband, Jay, recently launched a line of gluten-free vegan baking mixes called Julie’s Original. They live in Portland,OR. Please visit her at www.juliehasson.com.

When it comes to traditional comfort food, most of the key ingredients are off-limits to health-conscious vegans. But giving up shepherd’s pie, eggplant parm, and cheesy rice casserole was not an option for Julie Hasson, who took on the challenge to recreate flavors she loved, but without the cheese, eggs, butter, and cholesterol. “I thought it would be pretty easy to take traditional casserole recipes and give them a vegan spin,” she says, “Wow: I couldn’t have been more wrong.”

Lucky for cooks, Hasson’s done all the hard work, with her new book, VEGAN CASSEROLES: PASTA BAKES, GRATINS, POT PIES, AND MORE, creating vegan recipes that come together quickly (hint: her chapter on sauces is key!) and taste great too. Focusing on whole-food ingredients crafted into healthier takes on old favorites, the results are a mix of retro flavors—with nacho cheesy sauces and a lighter cream of mushroom soup for that creamy goodness—and fresh, veggie-forward dishes like cabbage rolls and greens with cashew cream sauce.

Not only does the book include American-style casseroles like Sloppy Joe Cornbread Casseroles and Mac and Cheese, but also beloved international dishes like Enchiladas, Lasagna, Quiche, and Kugels.  These are casseroles that can be served to one’s family and friends—without any guilt.