Neka Pasquale is the founder of Urban Remedy, a juice, vitamin, and snack line with headquarters in Northern California. After 11 years in private Acupuncture practice incorporating retreats for cleansing, weight loss, and balanced health, Neka created her Urban Remedy line to empower her clients. Today, Urban Remedy is a fast-growing retail and web-based business boasting clients all over the U.S. and beyond.

URBAN REMEDY is an easy-to-follow program features a clean eating plan coupled with mindfulness exercises and Eastern healing theories. It is an appealing, lifestyle-driven roadmap to whole-food cleansing, weight loss, and balanced health. This book offers more than 75 delicious, clean, mostly raw and vegan recipes as well as guidelines for how to prepare for, enjoy, and come back from a cleanse through a holistic mind-and-body approach. Modeled after the retreats the author leads at her home in Northern California, this book is designed to help individuals break out of bad habits, reset routines and intentions, and improve their health and nutrition through powerful foods, herbs, spices, and energetic techniques. Includes dozens of full-color photographs throughout.