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The How to Write a Cookbook Course
This course gives you the recipe for cookbook publishing success. It’s where we share all
our insights (and secrets)

The Ekus Group Proposal Guidelines
Get the scoop on our proposal submission guidelines and requirements.

Join our How to Be a Cookbook Author Facebook Group

Moderated by Sally Ekus, you’ll have access to industry news and resources.

Check out these Recommended Resources on How to Publish a Cookbook:

Everything Cookbooks podcast
Hosted by 4 cookbook authors, this podcast is the one we recommend the most.

Publishers Marketplace
This is where you search for book deals, agents, and editors. You can get a one-day
subscription when you’re ready to do this research.

Operation Find an Agent by Kristin Donnelly
Kristin gives you an insider look at the publishing world and learn how (and when!) to
approach an agent to maximize your success.

Stained Page News
A go to newsletter for all things cookbooks.

Publishing Confidential
Written by Kathleen Schmidt, a seasoned publishing veteran, this newsletter analyzes the publishing industry at large with an emphasis on marketing and publicity insight. 

Jane Friedman
Book publishing, agenting, and author related resources.


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