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  1. Kate Lasky and Tomasz Skowronski

    Kate Lasky and Tomasz Skowronski are co-chefs and co-owners of APTEKA, a Central + Eastern European restaurant that the couple opened in 2016.

  2. Martin Sorge

    Martin Sorge, winner of the 2023 season of the Great American Baking Show, is a home baker, recipe developer, and food writer based in Chicago.

  3. Beth Le Manach

    Beth Le Manach has been cooking and entertaining for over 30 years. Her cooking philosophy is “minimal effort for maximum impact”, which translates into simple recipes elegant enough for entertaining, but also easy enough for a weeknight meal.

  4. Melissa Tate

    Melissa Tate is a home cook and writer passionate about hospitality, shared meals, and feeding her neighbors. Along with writing, cooking, and curating the farmer’s co-op, she helps her husband run their working horse and cattle ranch, Tate Farms.

  5. Cassie Piuma

    Cassie Piuma is the chef/owner of the restaurant Sarma in Somerville where she cooks her version of modern Middle Eastern meze in a casual, upbeat, neighborhood setting.

  6. Chelsea Cole

    Chelsea Cole is a cookbook author and food blogger from Portland, Oregon. She’s been blogging at since 2010 and is passionate about introducing home cooks to the magic of sous vide cooking.

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