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  1. Erin Indahl-Fink

    Erin Indahl-Fink is the founder and creator of the popular recipe blog Delightful E Made. Her transformative 100+lb weight loss inspired her to create healthy recipes and tools!

  2. Muhammad Abdul-Hadi

    Muhammad Abdul-Hadi is the founder and owner of Down North Pizza, the mission-driven restaurant that exclusively hires formerly incarcerated individuals and serves up pies with a purpose in the Strawberry Mansion community in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

  3. Jaíne Mackievicz

    Jaíne Mackievicz is a Brazilian food writer and the winner of Food Network’s The Julia Child Challenge.

  4. Tamarind Tree

    Tam Nguyen is the owner of the beloved Tamarind Tree Restaurant in Seattle. Vy Tran is behind the food blog Beyond Sweet and Savory.

  5. Monti Carlo

    Monti Carlo is a Puerto Rican food TV personality, food writer, and special events chef.

  6. Shelley Rahim

    Shelley Rahim is an Ayurvedic Postpartum Chef and Caregiver with over a decade of experience feeding mothers during the labor, birth, and postpartum time.

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