Kathy Moore, Roxanne Wyss Brian Samuels

Robert Rose
January 5, 2022
ISBN-13: 978-0778807056


Roxanne Wyss and Kathy Moore are cookbook authors, food consultants, food writers, cooking teachers and food bloggers who share their test-kitchen expertise through creative recipes and tips that make cooking easier and more fun.  These skilled cookbook authors have written eighteen cookbooks and created thousands of recipes and content for various publications.  Recent titles are listed below.

 They teach cooking classes, consult with food and appliance companies, write feature articles and appear on national television, including appearances on QVC. Their professional careers in food began in a test kitchen for a small appliance company and now spans over thirty years. Their popular food blog can be found at



Selected Cookbooks by The Electrified Cooks: 

  • Toaster Oven Takeover (2021, Tiller Press, Simon and Schuster)
  • Rice Cooker Revival (2021, Tiller Press, Simon and Schuster)
  • The Essential Keto Slow Cooker (2019, for the Editors of Rodale Press, Penguin, Random House)
  • The Easy Air Fryer Cookbook (2019, American Diabetes Association)
  • Instant & Healthy, 100 Low-Fuss, High Flavor Recipes for Your Pressure Cooker Multicooker & Instant Pot (2018, American Heart Association)
  • Delicious Bundt Cakes(2018, St. Martin’s Press)
  • Delicious Poke Cakes (2017, St. Martin’s Press)
  • Delicious Dump (2016, St. Martin’s Press)
  • Slow Cooker Desserts: Oh So Easy, Oh So Delicious (2015, St. Martins Press)
  • The Newlywed Cookbook: Cooking Happily Ever After (2014, St. Martin’s Press)
  • The Triple Slow Cooker Entertaining Cookbook (2012, Robert Rose)
  • The Big Book of Babycakes Cake Pop Maker Recipes (2012, Robert Rose)
  • The Big Book of Babycakes Cupcake Maker Recipes (2012, Robert Rose)
  • 175 Best Babycakes Cake Pop Maker Recipes (2012, Robert Rose)
  • 175 Best Babycakes Cupcake Maker Recipes (2011, Robert Rose)
  • Simmer or Sizzle Cooking with Your Slow Cooker or Contact Grill  (2007, Thompson Delmar)

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