Cookbook cover for THE CAMP & CABIN COOKBOOK: 100 Recipes to Prepare Wherever You Go

THE CAMP & CABIN COOKBOOK: 100 Recipes to Prepare Wherever You Go

Laura Bashar

Countryman Press
May 8, 2018
ISBN-13: 978-1682681367


Laura Bashar is a recipe developer and blogger at Her photography and recipes have been featured by Country Living, The Kitchn, NBC Today Food, and many others. She lives with her family in San Diego, CA.

Author photo by Dottie Foley Photography

“In The Camp & Cabin Cookbook, Laura Bashar opened my eyes to the adventures and pleasures of cooking a world of wonderful dishes outdoors. Her gorgeous photographs and inviting recipes make me eager to enjoy campfire cooking and put our charcoal grill to use. And while I’m planning my outdoor culinary expeditions, I’ll be cooking from this excellent book at home.”

—Nancie McDermott, author of Southern Cakes and Quick and Easy Thai 

The Camp & Cabin Cookbook proves that eating gourmet grub is entirely possibly while camping. Laura Bashar expertly shares step-by-step instructions to guide you on how to set up fires for preparing these easy-to-assemble recipes. She gives campfire food a whole new meaning, and it’s delicious!”

—Lori Lange, founder of and author of The Recipe Girl Cookbook


Get away from it all—but keep eating well!

When it comes time to head out on the trail with a tent in hand, or to hit the road for a rural weekend at the cabin or lake house, there’s no reason to compromise on great food. It’s easy to whip up delicious meals with the recipes in this book—in addition to supply lists and prep work that can be done ahead of time, the instructions include options for cooking both outdoors over a roaring fire or indoors near a cozy hearth. From breakfast to snacks to dinner, these recipes are keepers, no matter where you enjoy them.