Ruth Barnes, The Petite Gourmande, grew up in a large Moroccan family bound by food and cultural tradition. She learned to cook from the women in her family who regularly prepared meals for her large immediate and extended family, neighbors, and community members. For Barnes, cooking is nurturing, and she has made it her life’s work. ruthsinternationalkitchen.com

In SHARING MOROCCO: EXOTIC FLAVORS FROM MY KITCHEN TO YOURS author Ruth Barnes, known as The Petite Gourmande, brings the rich culinary history of her homeland to life, while making her recipes easy and accessible for any home cook. As a busy wife, mother and business woman, Ruth has taken the delicious and nutritious recipes that have been handed down in her family and simplified them for today’s busy home cooks.  SHARING MOROCCO is filled with 111 recipes, easy-to-follow ingredient lists and instructions, beautiful food photography, tips and techniques, and plenty of information on Moroccan cuisine, culture and history.  Recipes range from Salads & Soups, Tagines, and Main Courses, to Street Foods, Sides, Drinks and Desserts.  Ruth has also provided a chapter on where to buy ingredients and information on the spices of Morocco.

SHARING MOROCCO is a reflection of my family heritage — a collection of authentic Moroccan recipes that I grew up eating and still cannot get enough of, such as chocolate baklava, savory tagines and couscous.”