Nava Atlas is an acclaimed vegan cook, creator of the popular VegKitchen.com, and bestselling author ofWild About Greens, Vegan Holiday Kitchen, Vegan Express, and The Vegetarian 5-Ingredient Gourmet. Atlas has also written for Vegetarian Times, VegNews, Cooking Light, and numerous other publications. She lives with her husband in New York’s Hudson Valley.

Whether you call it vegan, plant-based, plant-strong, or plant-powered, it’s in the air, but all the information floating around can be overwhelming—and confusing. What this book aims to give you is one neat volume on how to put the edible elements of the plant-powered lifestyle into practice—easily, practically, and joyfully, every day.

–Nava Atlas

If you’re looking to transition to a fully vegan lifestyle or you’d just like to incorporate more plant-based whole foods into your diet, PLANT POWER offers everything you need to know to transform your kitchen, plate, and life. From choosing the freshest whole foods and stocking a vegan pantry and refrigerator to streamlining meal preparation, this delicious cookbook delivers the recipes, strategies, and inspiration you need to make the very most of the healthiest ingredients nature has to offer.

PLANT POWER promises you will have more fun in the kitchen, learn to prepare meals more intuitively and creatively, and gain a genuine appreciation for how downright delectable foods in their most elemental, unprocessed, form can be. Bestselling author Nava Atlas will have you coming back for more as these recipes will soon become your new go-to favorites.