Cookbook cover for Put 'em Up Fruit


Sherri Brooks Vinton

Storey Publishing
April 2013
$19.95/Trade Paperback
ISBN-13: 978-1612120249



Sherri Brooks Vinton, author of Put ’em Up! and The Real Food Revival, is passionate about preserving local agriculture through everyday food choices. Her writing, talks, and hands-on workshops teach how to find, cook and preserve local, seasonal, farm-friendly food. Her website can be found She lives in Connecticut.

Sherri Brooks Vinton, the best-selling author of Put ’em Up!, turns her preserving and cooking talents to fruit, offering 80 recipes for canning, refrigerating, freezing, drying, and infusing. The exciting range of possibilities includes preserves both sweet (Orange Curd, Pear and Honey Preserves) and savory (Peach BBQ Mop, Meyer Lemon Gastrique). To ensure that your jars, bottles, and freezer bags are promptly opened and enjoyed, Sherri also provides 80 creative use ‘em up recipes for using preserved fruits in everything from Rhubarb Fool and Sautéed Duck Breast with Cherry Reduction to Spiced Chicken Salad made with Apricot Habanero Salsa. See a trailer for PUT ‘EM UP! FRUIT here.

Sherri Vinton’s books are the finest, most aptly-detailed guides to food preservation that I know and use. As an orchard-keeper and fruit canner, the release of this new volume excites me to no end, because it is exactly what I need to move my own practice and business along. When I die, I don’t want to be cremated, or buried, I want someone to “put me up” using one of Sherri’s recipes…

— Gary Nabhan, author, Coming Home to Eat and weird old uncle of the local food movement