Frequently Asked Questions

I want to write a cookbook. What do I do?
If you have a proposal, send it to us at If you don’t know where to begin, we encourage you to enroll in our self-paced online How to Write A Cookbook course. We offer more than 3 hours of information all about cookbook publishing from lead agent Sally Ekus. She walks you through every single component of the book proposal, three book deals the agency negotiated, a typical cookbook timeline, how cookbook photography works, what goes into making a bestseller, and more.


So, you’re a publisher, right?
Nope, we’re agents! We represent authors and sell their book proposals to publishers.


How do I become one of your authors?
To be considered for literary representation we require a full proposal; see our guidelines here. You can email your finished proposal to with the title of your project in the subject line.


Do you reply to every book proposal pitched?
Yes, we reply to any non-fiction proposal pitched to us. Please note that due to volume our turnaround time is between 4 to 6 weeks.


Do I really need to write a book proposal?


I’ve already self-published my book. What’s the next step?
It depends on what you want to do with your self-published title. If you’re looking to publish your book in the traditional market, send sales to date, reviews, and a copy of the book along with your query letter.

If you’d like to learn how to gain media attention and discuss marketing ideas for your self-published book, email to book a consult.


Do you only do consults about self-publishing?
Nope, consultations are our most personalized service! Given our experience we can consult with you on a number of things: how to identifying your core brand messaging, how to grow your platform, if self-publishing is right for you, social media strategy, and how to make your book idea stand out. We will tailor your consultation to your specific goals.

Email with “Consultation” in the subject line and a brief outline of your background and goals for the consultation.


I’ve been approached by a publisher. What do I do?
We can help. Email with subject line “Approached by publisher.”


Do you still do PR campaigns?
Though our roots are in PR, we take on few full-service campaigns at this time. Email with the name and pub date of your book.


What if I don’t want to write a cookbook?
Phew, we love working with people like you! Thanks to over 40 years in business our network runs deep. Many clients enter our agency through our consulting services, media training, and talent representation for those who want to work with brands.


How do I become a talent client?
Through our talent representation we connect our clients with brands for opportunities like sponsored posts, social media campaigns, video content, recipe development, and more. To be considered for representation send media clips (if applicable), website, and all social media platforms to with “Talent Representation” in the subject line.


Can you get me on TV?
Though many of our clients have appeared on national television and streaming networks, we do not work exclusively to pitch them for these placements. We often recommend a publicist. We also do not shop television show concepts to networks.

If you’re still interested in television opportunities, check out our media training program to learn how to stand.


What is media training?
Our nationally recognized media training program is on-camera messaging practice designed for cookbook authors, chefs, product spokespeople, show hosts, and food professionals. Many networks look to book talent that have gone through our professional culinary media training program. This one or two-day training can be done on-site in our studio kitchen, virtually online, or we can travel to you. Email with the subject “Media Training.”


Is it really true you knew Julia?
Yes! She was as dynamic, tall, and captivating as they say.

Past and present clients include such luminaries as Emeril Lagasse, David Joachim, Meathead, Nava Atlas, Lauren Toyota, Chef Todd Richards, Frankie Gaw, Haile Thomas, Ronni Lundi, Toni Tipton-Martin, Miyoko Schinner, and Padma Lakshmi, among hundreds more. Corporate clients have included Unilever, Kraft, Campbell’s Soup, American Roland Foods, Al Forno Restaurant Group, and every major publisher in the US, and many abroad.

Check out our current roster here and a catalog of books we’ve represented here.


Didn’t you have a different name before being The Ekus Group?
Formerly The Lisa Ekus Group, in April 2022 we celebrated our 40th anniversary and became The Ekus Group. This change signifies Sally Ekus’s stepping into the role of full partner alongside Lisa and leading the company into the future.


Still have questions?
Drop us a line at!