WINE CLUB: A Monthly Guide to Swirling, Sipping, and Pairing with Friends

Maureen Petrosky

Chronicle Books
May 30, 2023
ISBN-13: 9781797221526


Wine Club Author- Maureen Petrosky headshot

Maureen Petrosky is an author, television personality, classically trained chef, and food stylist. Maureen is an Entertaining & Lifestyle Expert who appears regularly on NBC’s TODAY show, Access Live and Local Now and hosts multiple video series. Author of The Wine Club, A Month-by-Month Guide to Learning About Wine with Friends (originally published in 2005), The Cocktail Club: A Year of Recipes and Tips for Spirited Tasting Parties, and Zero Proof Drinks & More and columnist for and, fans love her accessible and fun approach to quick and easy yet sophisticated recipes, parties, decorating, food and wine pairings, and of course drinks.

Maureen Petrosky is the ultimate hostess and author of Wine Club: A Month Guide to Swirling, Sipping, and Pairing with Friends!

Like a book club, but better, this approachable guide breaks down the basics of wine in a month-by-month format for a year’s worth of sips and wine-party inspiration. Learning about wine should be fun and is easy to do with a few key things: wine (of course), an opener, a few friends, and this book. That’s a Wine Club! Each month, readers will discover the key elements of a specific style of wine or varietal, from Cabernet Sauvignon in January to bubbly in December, as well as taste-testing tips, history, and tasty throw-together or make-ahead bites that pair beautifully with whatever is being poured. So, uncork (or twist the top off of) a bottle, pour a glass, and join the best club of all: the Wine Club!