Book cover for RECIPES FROM THE HERBALIST'S KITCHEN: Delicious, Nourishing Food for Lifelong Health and Well-Being

RECIPES FROM THE HERBALIST’S KITCHEN: Delicious, Nourishing Food for Lifelong Health and Well-Being

Brittany Wood Nickerson

Storey Publishing
June 27, 2017
ISBN-13: 978-1612126906


Brittany Wood Nickerson has blended her training in herbal medicine into her personal and professional cooking for more than 10 years. Through her business, Thyme Herbal, she offers herbal apprenticeship programs, private herbal consultations, and classes in herbal cooking. Nickerson is an active guest speaker and teacher at conferences throughout the Northeast. She lives in Conway, Massachusetts.

Connect to the Healing Power of Your Food!

Wholesome, home-cooked food is powerful medicine. Discover how your kitchen can become a place of true awakening for the senses and the spirit, as well as deep sustenance for the body.

Herbalist Brittany Wood Nickerson’s original recipes offer delightful and often unexpected combinations — from Lavender and Dandelion Flower Muffins and Rosemary-Olive Oil Tea Cake to Garlic-Stuffed Roast Pork and Red Grape Chimichurri with Dill and Oregano. Every dish combines generous amounts of culinary herbs with fresh ingredients that accentuate the food’s healing properties.

These scrumptious snacks, entrees, drinks, and desserts are designed to meet the body’s needs for comfort, nourishment, energy, and support through seasonal changes. With Nickerson’s warm guidance and thoughtful insights, you’ll learn how to maximize the health benefits of every meal.