Fenster(spjk)0063artNCCarol Fenster is the author of thirteen cookbooks, including the award-winning 1,000 Gluten-Free Recipes. A pioneer in gluten-free cooking, she is the former associate food editor at Gluten-Free and More (formerly Living Without) magazine, is a contributor to Gluten-Free Living magazine, and she appears on PBS-TV. Her gluten-free advice is used by corporations world-wide, and has enabled people to cook gluten-free food for the past two decades

Most cookbooks and recipes focus on full-size meals for families of four or more, which often leads to unwanted leftovers—or the two of you eating the same dish for days at a time. With the additional challenge of eating gluten-free, finding delicious fare can be tough. But downsizing recipes does not always mean simply cutting recipes in half: How do you halve an egg?

In this delectable collection, Carol Fenster has done the math for you with recipes that are gluten-free and small in portions, but big on taste and variety.

You’ll love starting your day with Pancakes, Green Smoothies, or elegant Eggs Baked in Ham Baskets. Enjoy weekend brunches of creamy Quiche or yummy Coffee Cake, or a comforting midday meal of bright and seasonal Asparagus Soup, flavorful Warm Lentil Salad, or on-the-go Chicken-Cilantro Salad Wraps. Round out the meal with some fun and traditional breads such as Focaccia, Pumpkin Spice Quick Bread, and French Baguette—all sized for your small household. End the day with Beef Burgundy, Paella,  Lasagna, or individual Pizzas. And for dessert, grab a couple of Chocolate Chip Cookies, dig into Double-Crust Pie or Carrot Cake for two, or go all-out with show-stopping Pavlova with Raspberries.

Beyond the recipes, you’ll learn the basics of stocking, shopping for, and cooking in a smaller-household kitchen. Whether determining the difference between a tad (1/4 teaspoon) or smidgeon (1/32 teaspoon) and where to buy appropriate measuring spoons, what type pan (a loaf pan!) to use for Lasagna for two, or how to shop for minimum waste and leftovers, all the tips are here. Each recipe also includes nutrition information to help make choices right for you.

If you prepare gluten-free meals and are part of a smaller household, Gluten-Free Cooking for Two will become your go-to guide for every meal of the day.