Cookbook cover for Fresh Tastes by Lee Clayton Roper

FRESH TASTES FROM A WELL-SEASONED KITCHEN: Over 170 flavorful recipes, essential cooking tips & delightful stories to spark inspiration in your kitchen

Lee Clayton Roper Rick Souders

MLC Publishing
November 2015
ISBN-13: 978-0-9841163-6-2


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Lee Clayton Roper is an award- winning cookbook author, cooking instructor, public speaker and
TV personality. Her first book, A Well-Seasoned Kitchen, co-written with her mother Sally Clayton, received numerous rave reviews, and was featured in local and national press. In 2010, A Well-Seasoned Kitchen achieved national acclaim, winning the prestigious “Living Now” gold medal. With FRESH TASTES, Lee expands the A Well-Seasoned Kitchen collection, serving up fresh, delicious and sophisticated dishes guaranteed to inspire creativity in kitchens everywhere. “Fresh,” “organic,” and “local” aren’t simply buzz words for Lee — they’re indelible principles, seamlessly translated from the culinary experiences of her youth. Today, Lee tours the country (in her Airstream trailer) sharing the secrets to her success as a renowned home cook and hostess, teaching cooking classes, leading cooking demonstrations, and providing expert commentary on television, radio and in print media. For more inspiration and information, go to


Rick Souders, an honors graduate of the Art Center College of Design, is a world-renowned food and beverage photographer based in Golden, Colorado. His work has been featured at The International Photography Hall of Fame, the Tabasco Cookbook Awards, IACP and at the World Food Media Awards in South Australia. Rick is affectionately known as “The Mile High Food and Beverage Guy.” See 
Rick’s work at Rick was supported on Fresh Tastes by the talented team of Austin Beadles (Studio Manager, Souders Studios, Inc), Brenda Christy (Producer & Set Stylist) and John Wood (Imaging Specialist, Square Pixels).


Denver, Colorado based food stylist Stephen Shern began his career in New York City 25 years ago, after 
a successful career as a professional chef. Stephen was nominated as one of the six best food stylists in a world competition sponsored by Le Cordon Bleu. In addition to food styling, Stephen also provides assistance with product, menu, and recipe development. On Fresh Tastes, Stephen was supported by his talented Food Styling Assistant Jen Fletcher.

Award-winning cookbook author Lee Clayton Roper presents FRESH TASTES, a follow-up to her critically acclaimed A Well-Seasoned Kitchen. Lee has gathered a unique collection of more than 170 recipes that showcase how fresh ingredients and new ideas can combine to deliver memorable meals. From delectable appetizers and creative salads to impressive main courses and luscious desserts, Lee serves up extraordinarily flavorful dishes guaranteed to please all palates.

Fans of A Well-Seasoned Kitchen will recall that Lee’s love of cooking and entertaining was first inspired by her mother Sally Clayton. In FRESH TASTES, the motivation to create exciting new dishes and flavor profiles comes from her own kitchen — influenced by people and places that have enriched her life.

This cookbook epitomizes her culinary tastes, balancing an innovative approach with uncomplicated preparation techniques. Sophisticated in flavor and beautiful to present, the recipes in FRESH TASTES are prepared with the best, readily available ingredients designed to maximize flavor. Drawing from her decades of experience, Lee delivers helpful advice on what is best for the dish, the flavor and the cook, taking into account such essential variables as seasonality and availability. Sometimes a can of organic tomatoes adds more flavor than an out-of-season fresh one. Recipes included in FRESH TASTES were tested by a multitude of volunteers from across the country with varying levels of expertise, appliances and even at different altitudes.

Lee takes the “complicated” out of timeless classics and presents them with a fresh, innovative twist. Among the 173 easy-to-follow recipes and 83 color photographs that bring them to life are inventive presentations for Coq au Vin and Bouillabaisse designed to deliver the “wow” factor. 42 indispensable detailed cooking tips (many with accompanying photos) empower readers to expand their culinary horizons with unique and creative ways to cook and entertain. Learn how easy it is to keep brown sugar fresh, prevent a piecrust from becoming soggy, butterfly a chicken breast or create a menu for your next dinner party.

Fresh, flavorful and inspired, this collection of hand- selected recipes in FRESH TASTES transcends the kitchen, reminding us all that every meal can and should be a simple yet sophisticated celebration of life.