Darrin Nordahl is the author of Public Produce: Cultivating Our Parks, Plazas and Streets for Healthier Cities. He blogs daily about food at 365wholefoods.com and has written for CNN, the Huffington Post, and Grist.org. He lives in northern California.

Dozens of indigenous fruits, vegetables, nuts, and game animals are waiting to be rediscovered by American epicures, and Appalachia stocks the largest pantry with these delectable flavors. In EATING APPALACHIA, Darrin Nordahl looks at the uniquely flavorful foods that are native to the region, including pawpaws, ramps, hickory nuts, American persimmons, and elk, and offers delicious and award-winning recipes for each ingredient, along with sumptuous color photographs. Nordahl also examines some of the business, governmental and ecological issues that keep these wild, and arguably tastier, foods from reaching our tables.

EATING APPALACHIA profiles local chefs, hunters, and locavores who champion these native ingredients and describes food festivals—like the Pawpaw Festival in Albany, Ohio, the Feast of the Ramson in Richwood, West Virginia, and Elk Night at Jenny Wiley State Park, Prestonsburg, Kentucky—that celebrate them.