Cookbook cover for Cooking for your Gluten Free Teen


Carlyn Berghoff, Sarah Berghoff MClure, Dr. Susanne P. Nelson, Nancy Ross Ryan

Andrews McMeel Publishing
April 2013
$19.99/Trade Paperback


Carlyn Berghoff McClure, CEO of the Berghoff Catering and Restaurant Group, is the fourth generation to continue the Berghoff legacy of serving great food and entertaining guests. She is an author, a chef and restaurateur, a caterer, and a wife and mother. She is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America and now operates the famous Berghoff restaurants and catering out of Chicago’s century-old Berghoff building. She is the coauthor of The Berghoff Family Cookbook and author of The Berghoff Café Cookbook. She is married to Jim McClure, and the couple has two daughters and a son. She has embraced gluten-free cooking, and product and recipe development after her daughter Sarah was diagnosed with celiac disease.

Sarah Berghoff McClure is the second daughter of Jim McClure and Carlyn Berghoff McClure. She attends high school, is the coxswain for a rowing team, and loves to cook. She has two pet lovebirds (she says she’s their mother) and a dog named Badger. She liked all the normal teen-age foods: fries, cookies, cakes, pizza, stuffing and gravy and more. In 2009, she became critically ill, lost ten pounds suddenly, and was diagnosed with celiac disease. Since going gluten-free she has regained her health and vitality and tells everyone she is going to live ten years longer because she is eating gluten-free.

Dr. Suzanne P. Nelson, MD, MPH, specializes in pediatric gastroenterolgy and is Assistant Professor of Clinical Pediatrics, The Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University in Chicago, Illinois. She graduated from Northwestern University Medical School with a Doctor of Medicine (MD) and from Harvard School of Public Health with a Master of Public Health (MPH).   She has a busy gastroenterology practice and has been recognized with many awards including US News “Top Doctor” status. According to Dr. Nelson, about 1% of Americans have celiac disease. Among that 1% is Sarah Berghoff McClure, one of Dr. Nelson’s patients. And while Dr Nelson is never happy to tell her patients: “You have celiac disease,” she notes “a part of me is always relieved because I know the child is going to be all right. Celiac disease is one of the few diseases I treat that doesn’t require any medication (and therefore no drug side effects) and is 100% treatable by diet.” Carlyn and Sarah Berghoff McClure are thankful for Dr. Nelson and her role as the advisor and consultant for this cookbook.

Nancy Ross Ryan served as the writer for The Berghoff Family Cookbook and The Berghoff Café Cookbook. She is the founder of Fresh Food Writing in Chicago, Illinois, and specializes in food writing and recipe development.

For many—especially teens—a diagnosis of celiac disease or gluten intolerance can seem like the end of “normal” and all the foods they love: pizza, hamburgers and hot dogs, cookies, doughnuts, birthday cake. With more than 75 easy recipes created by a chef who’s a mom, COOKING FOR YOUR GLUTEN-FREE TEEN proves that you don’t have to sacrifice to eat gluten-free. COOKING FOR YOUR GLUTEN-FREE TEEN offers a unique three-point perspective from a teen and her chef/mother, and a doctor who specializes in treating teens and kids with celiac disease. It includes:

  • Medical information on celiac disease and gluten intolerance
  • Lists of foods to try and foods to avoid
  • Simple suggestions for switching the whole family to gluten-free eating
  • Tips to keep teens from feeling singled out at school, parties, or restaurants
  • Ideas for delicious school lunches and snacks
  • An amazing gluten-free flour blend you can make ahead and use in breakfasts, breads, crusts, and desserts

Full of teens’ and kids’ favorite breakfasts, snacks, lunches, dinners, and desserts, COOKING FOR YOUR GLUTEN-FREE TEEN proves that giving up gluten does not mean going without.