Supporting in Place–Our TLEG clients!

We are all anxious in our “new normal”,  dealing with working from, and/or being sheltered at, Home. Many of our very talented clients are culinarians with a plethora of useful information, branded apparel and edible offerings. We are seeing classes on how best to reach out through video (even if you are camera shy), gift cards to restaurants and for take-out, new cookbooks coming out over the next several months so you’re not cooking the same old recipes, mail-order products and many more necessities and luxuries.

We will update this page continuously with new offerings. We, and the whole TLEG family, invite you to send in anything you are doing as we’ll be adding to this list daily.  Supporting each other is what our community is all about!

Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay 6 feet apart!

Chef Kevin Gillespie is currently on Bravo’s Top Chef All-Stars and has created a t-shirt to cheer him on during his run! The proceeds for this tee are now going to support his Red Beard team, who is currently out of work. Snag one today for $25, and be sure to post a photo of you and your crew watching, and #teamkevin and #teamredbeard!

Kathy Hester is offering a class for those who may be struggling to go live on camera. The Live Video Workshop for the Shy or the Reluctant will take place in small groups in 4 one-hour session. There will be a Facebook group for all class members to ask questions, post homework videos, and to support one another. Sign up here:

Brian Noyes’ Red Truck Bakery in Virginia is currently offering a reloadable Red Truck Bakery Gift Card for use in person at their stores in Marshall and Warrenton. To get one, call the Marshall bakery at 540-364-2253. Red Truck also offers a separate online gift card only for shipping orders nationwide at here:

Daniel Olivella’s Barlata, in Austin, TX, is currently closed, but you can still buy gift cards for future use in the restaurant! Learn how here:

Evan Mallett’s Black Trumpet Bistro in Portsmouth, NH, is offering takeout, and you can also order gift cards for future use! Do so here:

Our clients have books that cover a variety of topics coming out over the next several months. You can pre-order these today at any retailer of your choice. (We recommend checking in with local bookstores who may be taking them online to help support not only our authors, but those in your community!):

*Please note that some publishers may be postponing publication dates but that shouldn’t stop you from pre-ordering! This is our livelihood—let’s keep it alive!



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