Cookbook Course

How to write a cookbook course

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Most How-To courses are created by authors and reflect only their publishing experience. This course, designed by leading culinary agents at The Ekus Group, provides you the expertise of 40 years and hundreds of cookbook deals. In this course, you will learn how to publish a cookbook from the people who know what publishers want.

Estimated Completion Time: 2.5 hours

Estimated Completion Time with Homework: 4-5 hours

Why You Need This Course

Have you been told “You should publish a cookbook?”

Do you have a deep passion for connecting with people through food?

Does the publishing industry feel like a big secret?

Are you frustrated that your social media numbers never feel like enough?

Is your goal of writing a cookbook keeping you up at night?

Do you feel like everyone else is getting a book deal?


You are not alone!


As agents we hear these sentiments all the time, even from our most successful clients. This course pulls back the curtain and gives you the definitive playbook on cookbook publishing.

Gain Access To:

  • Expert guidance using reflective activities on your cookbook idea.
  • Over 20 exclusive, insider tips from Sally Ekus, your #NotSoSecretAgent. 
  • Traditional vs. Custom Publishing deliverables and calculations. 
  • What is an Agent and how do you find one? 
  • Sample publishing timeline including editorial and promotional timelines. 
  • Ways to make your idea saleable and how to increase its marketability.
  • Record, edit, and perfect your 60 second pitch!
  • REAL example of a query letter that landed our agency’s representation. 
  • Step-by-step book proposal guide with a #NotSoSecretAgent tip for each section. 
  • Explanation of: General deal terms, advances, royalty structures, and what to look out for in a publishing deal
  • 3 REAL book deals brokered by The Ekus Group. 
  • Media Kit Checklist
  • 5 tips for working with a photographer.
  • Your Best CHANCE at a BESTSELLER.
  • A like-minded community with the How to Be a Cookbook Author Facebook Group moderated by Sally.

and finally…

After completing this course, you will have THREE sections of your book proposal started AND a succinct pitch to get the attention of an agent or publisher.


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Are you looking for an exclusive, interactive experience with Sally and Lisa?  Our How To Write A Cookbook Interactive Workshop gives attendees a chance to workshop their idea live with Lisa and Sally in a small virtual group setting limited to 5 people. Click here for more information or email to sign up!