Media Mania: Recent Press from TLEG Talent

Bloomberg Business chats with Meathead, our favorite “barbecue whisperer” – though whispering is hardly his style.

The San Diego Union-Tribune shows Sandra Gutierrez some empanada love.

Kathy Moore  and Roxanne Wyss offer tips and advice for newlyweds.

The New York Times highlights Jennifer Justus, Erin Byers Murray and Cindy Wall’s “Dirty Pages” exhibit.

Phoebe Lapine was named one of 100 Women to Watch in Wellness.

Creative Loafing puts the spotlight on Atlanta chefs Kevin Gillespie, Virginia Willis and Ford Fry.

Dan Whalen wows Mass Appeal hosts with his instant ice cream.

The Pimento Cheese Cookbook impresses yet another casual cheese consumer.

Ronni Lundy celebrates the culture of cooking with sweet, southern sorghum.

Bon Appétit talks about how Kevin Gillespie can bring more Pure Pork Awesomeness into your life.

Paula Shoyer chats about The New Passover Menu.

Make a $20 dinner with Virginia Willis.

Nathan Ashker funded his Kickstarter for his new book #AsiatoAmerica.

Ronnie Woo’s new show premieres in August on Logo TV.

Breakfast on a stick? Find out how with Deanna Cook.

Anne Willan offers insider tips from La Varenne Cooking School. talks all about Mastering Pasta.

Publisher’s Weekly showcases the playful side of baking in their review of Judith Fertig’s Bake Happy.

Cooks and Books talks all about BBQ Bistro by Karen Adler and Judith Fertig.

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