Book cover for Teddy Bear Doctor by Deanna Cook

TEDDY BEAR DOCTOR: A Let’s Make & Play Book: Be a Vet & Fix the Boo-Boos of Your Favorite Stuffed Animals

Deanna Cook

Storey Publishing
July 28, 2015
ISBN-13: 978-1612124025


Deanna Cook

Deanna F. Cook, former creative development director for FamilyFun magazine, has served as creative leader and published author of more than 25 books focused on activities for kids and families. She has demonstrated recipes and crafts on Regis and Kelly, Good Morning America, The Today Show, and the Food Network. Cook is the author of Cooking Class and The Kids’ Multicultural Cookbook. She lives in Northampton, Massachusetts.

Kids take the care of their stuffed animals seriously, so when there’s a boo-boo to be mended, they want to know how to make their beloved friends feel better.

TEDDY BEAR DOCTOR: A Let’s Make & Play Book offers kids age 3 to 8 a fresh, fun approach to imaginative play with creative craft projects for making essential equipment and tools, including a thermometer and a syringe made from common household items, a T-shirt lab coat, a stethoscope and ophthalmoscope using pipe cleaners and bottle caps, and a kennel built from a cardboard box.

The book includes four sheets of colorful stickers that complement the creative process. Kids can make a lab coat name tag, label patient files and medicine bottles, and even fashion an eye patch for those unlucky plush pets that may have had a nasty encounter with a child’s real dog.

TEDDY BEAR DOCTOR: A Let’s Make & Play Book is sure to appeal to every owner of a beloved stuffed-animal pet.