Sammy Monsour has received acknowledgement and acclaim from Michelin, James Beard Foundation, Good Food 100, Zagat, Eater and the American Culinary Federation. He is a third generation chef, published cookbook author and graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, with roots stemming from his parent’s neighborhood joint in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. You may recognize him from his appearances on Viceland’s The Untitled Action Bronson Show, Travel Channel’s Food Paradise and Food Network’s Guy’s Big Project (to name a few). His focus on Ocean Conservation and Sustainability has positioned him as one of the world’s foremost chef activists. He is currently a board member of Chefs Collaborative, advisory board member for JBF Impact Smart Catch program, member of Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Blue Ribbon Task Force and founding member of Chefs for Fish. Monsour has spoken at Norway’s AquaNor (the World’s biggest aquaculture conference) and was a featured chef presenter at Boston’s Seafood Expo North (America’s largest seafood show). He was also the American chef diplomat during the 2019 World Food Day processions at the FAO headquarters in Rome, where he cooked fish and spoke about sustainable aquaculture’s important role on the path toward achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

Kassady Wiggins was introduced to farming and sustainability early on by her Grandfather, with roots stemming from Greenville, South Carolina. Her African American ancestry and passion for Southern culture are staples throughout her interpretation of modern craft cocktails, and her zero-landfill beverage program has received a green star from the City of Los Angeles. Kassady’s advocacy for civil rights and environmental activism inform her efforts behind the bar, and inspire her collaborations, adventures and future projects.

Inspired takes on timeless recipes honoring coastal communities of the South and highlighting the sustainable seafood, spirited libations, warm hospitality, and rich heritage of the region.

Chef and mixologist duo Sammy Monsour and Kass Wiggins share more than 75 recipes for their favorite seafood dishes and drinks from the coast and watery byways—along with their passion for Southern cooking, hospitality, and culture.

Advocates for sustainable eating, as well as civil rights and environmental activism, their enthusiasm for good food, modern craft cocktails, and community shines through on every page of this beautiful cookbook. Through recipes and stories, Sammy and Kass aim to inspire informed choices that support coastal resiliency and marine ecosystem health.

Celebrate the coasts and waterways of the South with outstanding seafood, ocean advocacy, and beach-front feasts to enjoy at home.

TECHNIQUES AND EXPERT TIPS that will encourage cooks of all levels to master preparing and serving seafood dishes and cocktails at home, including how to filet fish, handle shellfish, craft drinks around simple fresh ingredients, and use ice for added flavor.

FRESH AND SHAREABLE RECIPES—from Cattywampus Punch and Hibiscus Hoodoo to Creole bay scallop ceviche, stone crab hushpuppies, whole fish gumbo pot, a backyard oyster roast, and more.

PERSONAL NARRATIVES AND FEATURES throughout spotlight local organizations and tie-in topics such as sea salt, seaweed, sourcing seafood, oysters 101, and more.

SUSTAINABLE EATING AND DRINKING is celebrated throughout the book, with a focus on seafood that aligns with sustainable practices, such as supporting local fisheries that follow responsible harvesting methods, highlighting seafood species that are abundant and well-managed, and making zero-landfill cocktails.

RAISING ENVIRONMENTAL AWARENESS about responsible seafood consumption, and emphasizing the importance of preserving coastal ecosystems, is a primary objective of this book, which showcases several Southern coastal organizations and farms that are at the forefront of seafood sustainability and conservation efforts such as Marsh Hen Mill (South Carolina), Sunburst Trout Farms (North Carolina), Sapelo Sea Farms (Georgia), Oyster South (Virginia), Sun Shrimp (Florida), and Louisiana Crawfish Co.

ACTIVE ENGAGEMENT is a core value of the authors, who have been actively engaged with organizations and experts in the field for decades; Sammy currently serves as the chef lead for the Environmental Defense Fund, serves on the board of the James Beard Foundation’s Smart Catch Impact program, and is a member of Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Blue Ribbon Task Force.

HOLISTIC PERSPECTIVE The authors provide a broad context and perspective on seafood that encompasses sustainability, local organizations, and social responsibility and acknowledges the interconnectedness of environmental issues, social justice, and food systems.