T. Susan (Susie) Chang

I’ve been a food writer and cookbook reviewer since 2001, although it’s probably fair to say that I’ve never not loved food.

I live and breathe cookbooks, both because I love them and because it’s my job; my kids have grown up on nightly recipe-testing. In one sense, our family rarely travels. But in another sense, we travel every night – by eating the food of places and people we may never get the chance to see in person.

My reviews appear in the Boston Globe, NPR, and at eatyourbooks.com. I’m also a regular contributor to NPR’s Kitchen Window series, and I’ve written stories for AOL, the Associated Press, and many other publications. But I see and use cookbooks more than the occasional review can accommodate.

My blog is a gathering place for everything I do with cookbooks. It’s a place to find out what cookbooks I’m testing at any given moment. It’s a place to find out about some of the best new recipes in real time, as they’re being tested. And it’s also a place to find my published reviews.

When I’m not writing about food or cooking food, I enjoy growing it, both at the school across the street with my children and their friends, and at my own house.

T. Susan (Susie) Chang’s book A Spoonful of Promises: Stories and Recipes from a Well-Tempered Table, was published in 2011.


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