José Ralat

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An indispensable guide to taco cuisine, José R. Ralat is the food editor of Cowboys & Indians, the premier magazine of the West. Two of his noted features for the Dallas-based glossy covers the Indian fry bread taco and South Texas barbacoa. Ralat also maintains the nationally renowned Taco Trail blog (, for which he has visited hundreds of taquerias, trucks, stalls, and restaurants. He has written for national and local print and online media outlets, including New York Press, Dallas Observer, D Magazine, Vice, and Imbibe. He also co-edited the December 2015 Texas Monthly “The 120 Tacos You Must Eat Before You Die” feature. He writes the “Tacology” column for Vice’s food website, MUNCHIES, and is the author of the American Tacos: A History and Guide to the Taco Trail North of the Border.

Ralat is sought after for his authoritative and expansive knowledge on the local, regional and national taco scenes. He has been featured by Remezcla, Telemundo, and the James Beard Award-winning First We Feast websites. The New York Times has called Ralat “an expert on the folklore of the taco.”


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