Audra Mulkern

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Audra is the founder of “The Female Farmer Project” – a multi-media documentary project that chronicles the rise of women working in agriculture around the world. Her work has garnered international recognition and acclaim.

The images have exhibited around the world, most recently at the United Nations in New York. She has been featured in magazines globally and the stories have been translated into three languages. Audra was proclaimed a visionary and one of Reader’s Digest Country Woman’s 45 Amazing Women of 2015. From in-depth stories, personal essays, portraits and a podcast, the project gives a powerful voice to the fastest growing demographic in agriculture — The Female Farmer.

As a keynote speaker, Audra takes the audience from the wheat fields of Montana to the rooftop farms of New York City, while sharing the stories of empowered women who are mowing down the grass ceiling.

Audra can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, in addition to the social media dedicated to The Female Farmer Project.


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